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StallionTek Certified

1. Stallion Technology Inc has been in business for over 25 years working with trusted partners like Dell and HP to make sure that every piece of equipment that enters our warehouse meets our highest standards of quality.

2. After we receive equipment, we inspect each part to ensure that there is no major damage or obvious shipping mishandling before we perform more comprehensive in-depth testing.

3. We disassemble all necessary equipment then thoroughly clean each part further inspecting them to meet our Grade A standards.

4. We perform diagnostic tests to ensure all parts are fully functional at maximum performance.

5. Once we’ve filtered out the parts that meet our standards we update all firmware and software (if necessary). We then inventory all equipment by all relevant part numbers and store them in highly organized, climate-controlled 16,000 square feet warehouse.

6. Per order, we make sure that each component is burn tested in our burn test servers and workstations, or for each system we assemble all components before checking for firmware updates and then perform a full burn test.

7. We package all of our equipment correctly by using electronically safe anti-static packaging and expandable foam that molds to each machine.